Wow, Tiger King sounds awful. I’ve never watched it, so I don’t know much about the show aside from some memes I’ve seen on Facebook. Thanks for raising awareness about how people are letting his actions slide but crucifying Michael Vick.

On a semi-related topic, my young child recently said something I found interesting — and sadly, accurate. He has autism and loves rap and rock — anything that gets him moving. People occasionally make rude comments about him listening to rap, and I guess he’s picked up on that. He said something like, “Mom, these people must think I’m stupid. They say they don’t like rap music, but I know most of the time they actually mean they don’t like black people.”

I understand what he meant by his comment, and unfortunately, he’s right. The people who tell my son rap music is inappropriate for him are often the same people who have no problem blasting pop/country music about getting drunk, having sex, etc. around their kids. Double standards.

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